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Accreditation Guidelines

Would you like to visit JAMATORA™ as a journalist or blogger?


Check the Accreditation Guidelines for journalists and bloggers to see which proof of eligibility is accepted.


All guidelines you can find here:

Advance accreditation during COVID-19

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the resulting need for protective hygiene measures, we have limited options for accreditation and press services on-site.


Therefore, please only use the online advance accreditation service, and bring your own devices with you.


Thank you for your understanding, and we are looking forward to seeing you in JAMATORA once again.


Advance accreditation details you can find here:

Request Accreditation

If you have read JAMATORA's Accreditation Guidelines and  accept it then you can use Accreditation Request Form.


Accreditation Request Form you can find here:

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