2021/05/03 announcement of the deadlines for the completion of works


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the related restrictions that have lasted for over a year, we are forced to postpone the deadlines for implementing our running projects.


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Overview of the situation

Over the last few months, the situation around us has changed and it has affected other industries. As a result, the current rhythm of our work was disturbed.

Our work system has changed as well as our partners, subcontractors and suppliers.

It seems very difficult to maintain the schedules assumed even before the pandemic. That is why we decided to make changes and adjust the schedules in such a way as to enable us to complete the current projects without unnecessary haste.

Changes are needed to move forward.

We hope that the extended time will allow us to refine the details of the new titles at a high level.

Affected projects

We assume the most changes in the schedule for "Samporium" and "Time Shifters".

In turn, for "Iron Seal" we will extend the completion of works by six months.

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