Many months have passed during which we were preoccupied with current affairs, mainly current projects. There wasn't enough time to run our Blog anymore.

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Time problems

It's not difficult to blog as long as you do it systematically. But the problems begin when the day is shrinking under the pressure of constant tasks and new matters constantly coming.

Then, unfortunately, we postpone writing posts to a better, more convenient time. And that's how it stays.

One would like to say that it does not require so much commitment not to save a little time. However, preparing a topic is as time-consuming as possible and when we are aware of it, there is always a justification for postponing another post.

Time is everything

However, none of us like to leave behind the things we more or less like to do.

30 seconds Blog

Therefore, we will introduce a new category of posts, specially adapted to our lack of time. The working name is "30 seconds Blog" which expresses how little of that time we will need to prepare a single post.

These will be express posts, more informative than with the development of the topic. Perhaps we will manage to extend some of them and present them in full version.

Meanwhile, we can trust that time will stretch and we will be able to do everything we plan one day and much faster than now.

Let the games rules!

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