Iron Seal getting closer to the next phase


What is so important that we are trying to move forward? Why are we setting new challenges for ourselves? I think it is difficult to give a short and satisfactory answer to these questions.

Iron Seal by JAMATORA

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Read on to find out what JAMATORA plan to do with this new game set in the unusual world.

The question not for today

Fortunately, we won't try to investigate this, at least not now why we want to do the next things.

And we will not answer the question today: when will we finish working on "Iron Seal".


We leave these questions aside as we spend a lot of time and work developing and improving this game. Which, of course, is not surprising. What is most important to us now is to simplify the schemes that we have already used in this project.


"Iron Seal" is a diplomatic dilemma.

A lot of questions are still ahead of us and more appear every day. And it will probably be so until the premiere.

The next phase is almost underway

Today it turned out quite unexpectedly that we are just about to finish the preliminary work and that the next phase is ahead of us.

The tables and desks look like a hurricane has passed. But it's healthy, because you can see that the work is in full swing.

Many solutions found their place in the archive or in the bin. We don't get attached to them, although it was nice to see them along the way. Our goal is to enjoy the gameplay, not specific details.

The first screenshoots of the concept are coming soon !

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