Iron Seal takes shape to give more excitement


IRON SEAL™ has been changing in recent weeks. The main changes concern the expansion of the known world and the relationship between characters.


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Read on to find out what JAMATORA plan to do with this new game set in the unusual world.

The Known World

When we started working on "Iron Seal", the world seemed simple. Just one continent surrounded by seas and oceans. The map was beautiful and the states lying on the continent bordered each other in a natural way. This allowed players to quickly move around the map.

Everything was beautiful but ... too good and too easy.

So we started looking for other solutions to make life difficult for the players. The known world expanded first. Why assume that we are limited by the size of the board? Why can't the board be just a piece of a large world full of curiosities. After all, in such a space, what the player can do may be related to what is completely invisible.

This is how the new Known World of "Iron Seal" was born.

Are there any limits?

There are some limitations in every matter. "Iron Seal" is no different. From the number of characters available, to resources and to the possibility of improving Mechs or Characters there are limit tresholds.

The limits in "Iron Seal" are closely related to the ability to move and explore the continent.

Other news about IRON SEAL

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