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Time Shifters

Beyond The Time

In Brief

Basic specification

Time Playing Players Suggested Age
115 min 4-7 12+

Time Shifters is new stand-alone an Engine-building, Asymmetric, Competitive board game set in an alternate worlds. Used Strategy, Sci-fi & Multiple Win Conditions.


Our Story begins

Genesis - synopsis

The year is 2084.

After the explosion of an atomic bomb, the world split into two.

Most people died and only a few survived. Those who remained alive seemed to have no chance of survival.

This is how a new civilization was born and the Survivors decided to prevent what happened.

The Game

Story Continues

Genesis - outline

In just five years after explosion, the Survivors were able to launch historical project.

They constructed a machine looping the Einstein-Rosen bridge with the world before the blast.

And ...

The Play

In Time Shifters, you will play.

Winning Conditions

Many ways to final win.

let's play

Unique Combat

Many options to beat your opponents.

Assymetric Characters

Each character has distinctly different skills assigned to help achieve the goal.

The Box

Game Details

What Inside

Main Board

Exclusive double sided board.


Highly detailed miniatures.


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